Premium Pregnant Car Seat Belt Adjuster for Safe & Comfortable Drives


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  • According to a study from the University of Michigan, as many as 200,000 cars crash every year with pregnant women.
  • These accidents lead approximately up to 5,000 fetal losses in the United States alone!
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Regular car seat belts are not safe nor comfortable for a pregnant mother or her child. Say NO to putting you and your child at risk by purchasing Premium Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster.

Easy to install and doesn’t take extra time to unstrap and re-strap so that it is more practical for daily use.

Using a regular seat belt during pregnancy is extremely uncomfortable and, at times, not even doable. The pressure that seat belts create can be unpleasant for you, but it can be potentially harmful to your baby.

how to use pregnant car seat belt adjuster

Also, frequent adjusting of a seat belt can take attention away from your driving which can lead to a higher risk of an accident.

If you decide to get our premium pregnancy seat belt adjuster, you can finally enjoy driving again and feel comfortable and safe as well.

pregnant car seat belt safety explanation

This product can also be used by people post-abdominal surgeries, people after a cesarean section operation, or people with abdominal obesity or other issues causing issues wearing a regular car seat belt.

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Pregnant Women Car Seat Belt Adjuster width: 6cm [2.36 inches] External Testing Certification: CE
Item Lenght: 155 Cm [61 inches] Item Type: Seat Belts & Padding
Item Weight: 0.3kg [0.661386787 pounds] Color:Black/White/Green/Pink

Packaging Includes
1x Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster
1x Packing Bag
1x User Manual
1x Packing Box

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*Disclaimer: John Carlson does not guarantee any elevated safety properties in the event of an accident. Please use this product with the best driving practices and in accordance with your local laws

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Weight 0.3 kg

Black, White, Green, Pink


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Premium Pregnant Car Seat Belt Adjuster for Safe & Comfortable Drives

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