Safety Seat Belt Adjuster for Kids


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There is no reason why you should make a compromise between the safety and comfort of you or your kid!

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With our vehicle seat belt adjuster, you can easily reposition the seat belt for a secure fit. It fits correctly across shoulder and lap, absorbs shocks, keeps the seatbelt away from people’s neck area.
why to use seat belt adjuster for kids
Car Seat Belt Adjuster: Recommended for children who have outgrown their booster seat. But also for short adults.
Universal Seatbelt Adjuster: Suitable for all cars and all sizes of seat belts. Give you or your kids a safety seat and help to keep a correct sitting position.
Premium Seat Belt Positioner: It is made of Breathable Fabric & Baby Cotton. The triangle shape can make children’s seats most stable.
Easy to Use: Updated design for easy installation and change. It’s very convenient to make your trip more enjoyable and safe.

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Detail of children seat belt adjuster and above the detail, there is a photo of how it looks when applied in car seat where a little kid is sitting comfortable with this seat belt

Safety Seat Belt Adjuster for Kids